Experience knowledge at the high-mountain reservoires Kaprun

“Experience knowledge first-hand” – on the herb theme path and along the “Tobi Turbi” children’s adventure path in Hohe Tauern National Park.

Experience knowledge first hand

If you take a look around in the area of Fürthermoar Alm and catch sight of the reservoirs, the power station and the power lines, it will quickly become clear: here you won’t just find mountains, good food and big reservoirs, there are all kinds of facts and fascinating information to be had, too. How big are those reservoirs, how much water do they contain, and how much power can be produced? These and many other questions are bound to be answered. There is no shortage of information – from the construction and operation of the reservoirs, to nature and its own special features, to power production and everything related to it.

From water to electrical power

During a guided tour of the power station, taking you to the very nerve center of the Kaprun High-Mountain Reservoir, you will learn everything you could wish to know about power production and why these mountain reservoirs are so immensely important. The interplay between nature and technology is thoroughly fascinating. From the gallery, you can look into the turbine room and get a good idea of everything involved in the process. Travel back in time to when it was first built, and learn what a masterful piece of technology it took to create.

Knowledge – even for the youngsters

With “Tobi Turbi”, there are also lots of exciting and interesting things for the kids to experience as well.
The children’s adventure path at the Mooserboden helps children and adults to playfully acquaint themselves with nature and its special features. If you take enough time for the 6 play and interactive stations, as well as to bring the life-size wooden figures back to life, you will need about 30 minutes to complete the 1 km long path. So that even the littlest tots can be a part of the fun, the Tobi Turbi path is also accessible to prams. We wish you all kinds of fun with Tobi Turbi in this world of nature and technology.

Making nature easy to understand – the Mooserboden herb theme path

The herb path leads from the Mooserboden out to us here at the Fürthermoar Alm, rising around 237 meters in the process. The distance and elevation change have been selected so that families with children can have an enjoyable time. On 10 info boards, you will learn fascinating facts about alpine herbs and their benefits. Bring along sturdy shoes with a good tread to ensure you have as much fun as possible. After about 45 minutes you will reach the Fürthermoar Alm, where you will definitely have earned a nice rest break. We will be happy to serve you cool drinks and regional foods, featuring our own home-grown ingredients. Important information: the last shuttle bus takes off at exactly 3:30 p.m.

Soak up all of that wonderful information, and then afterwards, come be our guests at the Fürthermoar Alm. The Aberger-Dick family look forward to meeting you.