Hiking tour to the Grießkogel

Tour to the Grießkogel high above the alpine reservoirs Kaprun in the national park Hohe Tauern.

Hike to the Grießkogel © Mairitsch

In our view, the tour to the top of the Griesskogel is especially rewarding. This distance isn’t too great, and the steep hike up means that you quickly reach higher elevations where you can enjoy a truly phenomenal view: out across the reservoirs, all the way to the famous peaks of the Hohe Tauern and an untamed glacial world.

The route up the small and the big Griesskogel

From Mooserboden Reservoir, we will follow trail No. 734 in a southwesterly direction across steep alpine meadows until we reach an elevation of about 2500 m. We then take on a relatively simple ascent via the Sedlgrat Kopf to the Kleiner Griesskogel at ca. 2.541 m, at which point we drop a few meters until we reach rocky terrain that often features extended patches of firn snow even in springtime. From here, we hike up a ridgeline that gets steadily steeper and steeper, presenting us with some occasionally tricky passages. At the end of the climb we are greeted by a really steep passage, often covered by firn snow or ice. If there is any doubt, crampons are a must at this point. First we reach the eastern summit, at which point only a short, thought exposed ridgeline separates us from the highest point of this tour, the Grosser Griesskogel at 3,066 m.

8 km
5 h 30 min
Altitude uphill
1.030 m
Altitude downhill
1.030 m
Not really long, but fairly steep and parts are difficult terrain
Technically medium demanding, should not be afraid of hights
Exposed spots:
Yes, should be shure footed

Important: Don’t forget

  • sturdy mountain shoes
  • weather-proof clothing
  • warm change of clothing
  • head covering and gloves (also in summer)
  • sunglasses
  • sunblock for your skin
  • plenty of provisions and fluids 
  • check current weather conditions and forecast
  • possibly an ice axe and crampons 
  • maps and tour information 
  • mobile phone, camera, binoculars

Fürthermoar Tip

The tour to the top of the Griesskogel is a beautiful mountain hike. Even less experienced hikers can make it out as far as the Kleiner Griesskogel. Though for the Grosser Griesskogel, you do need additional know-how and experience. From the Grosser Griesskogel, you can actually continue to the Hocheiser. But that will require glacier gear and experience. The ascent takes about 1 hr. 30 mins. But regardless of how far or how long you are out on the trail, after the tour you should definitely stop in for a break and refreshments at the Fürthermoar Alm. The Aberger-Dick family will treat you to a marvelous meal.

 The Aberger-Dick family looks forward to meet in person soon