High-Mountain Reservoirs Kaprun

“Fascinating knowledge in abundance, breathtakingly packaged” – these are the Kaprun High-Mountain Reservoirs in Hohe Tauern National Park.

High-mountain reservoirs Kaprun © Mairitsch

No doubt you have heard that Kaprun is home to one of the most impressive high-mountain hydroelectric power stations in the world. Even though there is barely a hint of the amazing technology behind this structure – the most breathtaking aspects are the two enormous reservoirs that leave an unforgettable mark on the landscapes high above Kaprun.

High into the mountains to the reservoirs 

Your journey into the world of technology begins practically all the way back down in the valley, at Gasthof Kesselfall far beyond Kaprun. There you will have to park your car and hop aboard a shuttle bus. The bus will take you up into a high-alpine world which has been dominated since the 1940’s and 50’s by modern technology. And what, precisely, awaits you in this fascinating world? The mighty Mooserboden dam, whose interior you are also welcome to explore, the Power & Ice exhibition that presents fascinating insights, and of course, our own Fürthermoar Alm, for a delectable refreshment opportunity afterwards. Important information: the last uphill ride with the shuttle bus takes off at exactly 3:30 p.m.

What does a dam look like from the inside?

If that’s something you have often asked yourself, then Kaprun is the right place for you. Mooserboden dam towers 107 meters high, holding the enormous masses of water in the reservoir in check. It spans 494 meters between the two sides of the valley. If you join a guided tour of the inside of the dam, you will find yourself in an unimaginably intriguing world. It feels a little strange to walk through a structure designed to withstand the pressure of 80 million m3 of water. To ensure that’s exactly what happens requires the hard work of a team of experts, who will be happy to show you their workplaces and demonstrate that they do, indeed, have everything completely in hand.

World of Power & Ice

Can you imagine what challenges are involved with building and operating a power station such as this in order to produce electricity? To gain better insights about the glaciers, construction and power production, we invite you to enter the exhibition known as “Power & Ice”. And if you want to know even more about power production, you should definitely take part in a guided tour of the plant. The experts on-site will introduce you to a world that is simply astonishing. It is amazing what daily work here truly entails.

And after so much information and technology, if you have worked up a bit of a thirst and an appetite, you will be happy to know the Fürthermoar Alm isn’t far away. Stop in for a break here with us and enjoy some of our local specialties. If you don’t want to take the last shuttle bus back, then simply stay overnight with us at the Fürthermoar Alm. The Aberger-Dick family look forward to having you get in touch.