Mountain Tour to the Hohen Tenn and to the Gleiwitzerhütte

Mountain tour to the Gleiwitzer Hütte and to the top of the Hoher Tenn – a mountain tour for specialists to the very heart of the Hohe Tauern.

Mountain tour to the Hohen Tenn and to the Gleiwitzer Hütte © Mairitsch

The “Tenn” is a great thing.  Put quite simply, “it doesn’t hike itself”. We recommend tackling the Hoher Tenn as a two-day tour. This tour actually presents you with numerous options. Either you begin this tour in Kaprun, spending one overnight at the Gleiwitzer Hütte and making the Fürthermoar Alm your ultimate destination, or you spend the night beforehand at the Fürthermoar Alm, dropping down from the summit to the Gleiwitzer Hütte. Whatever the case, this tour is a true challenge demanding good technique and conditioning.

The Hike up the Hoher Tenn via the Gleiwitzer Hütte

We begin our tour at the Kaprun glacier lifts, initially following the path towards the Brandlscharte and Imbachhorn (elev. 2,470 m). If you have climbed the Imbachhorn, you will then return to the Brandlscharte, from where you will reach the Gleiwitzer Hütte via the north-west flank of the Rettenzink – and it is at this hut that we will spend the night. The next day we will make our way along the Gleiwitzer Höhenweg to the Ochsenkar. Very exposed and secured by fixed cables in sections, we will hike via the Jägerscharte to the Hinteres Spitzbrett. We now ascend the western flank of the Kempsenspitz, from where we follow the signs for “Hoher Tenn”.

A steep ridgeline secured by a cable leads us down to the Hirzbachtörl, and from there along the ridgeline to the “Kleiner Tenn” (elev. 3,158 m). The steep northern flank is tackled by means of fixed cables, transitioning into the moderately steep crest of the Schneetenn (3,317 m). For the return hike we will opt for an easier path leading directly to Mooserboden reservoir. We will cross the Hoher Tenn and Bauernbrachkopf as we make our way back to the Kempsenkopf. From there an alpine trail, also secured in parts, brings us to the side of the Bratsche, followed by a technically simple hike dropping 1,000 vertical meters down to the reservoir. From there we will ride the bus to the Fürthermoar Alm, where a great meal awaits our tired mountaineering legs. Afterwards, we either spend the night at the hut or continue our bus ride to Gasthaus Kesselfall.

28 km
15 h 00 min
Altitude uphill:
3.200 m / 2.100 m
Altitude downhill:
2.100 m / 3.200 m
Very demanding tour, requires experience and endurance.
Technically difficult. Exposed Spots to climb
Exposed spots:
Yes, climbing until grade C, experience is required.

Important: don’t forget

  • Sturdy mountain shoes 
  • Weather-proof clothing
  • Warm change of clothes
  • Head covering and gloves (also in summer)
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunblock for your skin
  • Plenty of provisions and fluids 
  • Weather reports and forecast
  • Mountaineering gear, rope, and lots of experience

Fürthermoar Tipp

The tour over the Hoher Tenn as described here is not for rookies. It requires a fair degree of surefootedness, condition and alpine experience in order to really have fun. If you accept the challenge, you will be able to experience the immensity of the mountains first-hand. Another option: Arrive the day before at the Fürthermoar Alm and spend the night with us. You can then be driven by shuttle to Mooserboden reservoir at 5 a.m., where you will find the trailhead for the Max Hirschl Trail. However you choose to take on this tour, the Hoher Tenn is a major challenge, with a stop at the Fürthermoar Alm a must – and with the tour complete, you have truly deserved the right to kick back and enjoy everything we have to offer.

The team at the Fürthermoar Alm look forward to welcoming you here as their guest!