The history of the Fürthermoar Alm

The Fürthermoar Alm in the Zell am See Kaprun region - “embracing a long history”

The Aberger-Dick Family on the Fürthermoar Alm


It is clear to anyone who has taken the history of the Fürthermoar Alm in the Zell am See Kaprun region to heart, that the development of this place is truly unique.

In order to cast full light on its history, we must go back to the year 1779; it was at that time that the hut and the grazing grounds at the Wasserfallboden were purchased. Back then, this consisted of Niederalm Wasserfall and Hochalm Ebmatten. Due to its elevation, the Hochalm could only be operated for a few months out of the year – the rest of the time, a severe winter held it in sway. Running the business was definitely hard work.

Around 150 years later, the Alpine Electrical Company began building a gigantic hydroelectric plant in Kaprun Valley – today’s world-famous Kaprun High-Mountain Reservoirs. The property owners at that time had the opportunity of buying into other mountain grazing areas and agricultural cooperatives. But for the Fürthermoar, this was a task that proved impossible – there simply wasn’t anything suitable – ultimately, there was no alternative to their own land.

In 1942, they managed to purchase back usage rights for the Hochalm Ebmatten. The original Grundalm was gone – the area where it once lay having fallen victim to the mighty Wasserfallboden reservoir. To this day, it lies at the bottom of the reservoir. Other than the Fürthermoar itself, no one was particularly interested in the Hochalm – due to the high elevation, it was too difficult to farm. But that did not sway the owners from their plans.

From the work camp that had grown during construction of the electric plant, workers would come time and again to the Alm to purchase milk. This was motivation, in 1949, to open an inn at the Fürthermoaralm – a pioneering achievement that exists to this day. Due to the warming of the environment we see today, conditions are no longer as harsh as they once were. Though our Alm is only accessible during the summer months, during that time it provides a home for around 55 dairy cows and 800 sheep, and is a popular destination for visitors, hikers and mountaineers.

Be our guest here at the Fürthermoar Alm and feel the history of the high mountains first-hand. Enjoy the power of this amazing countryside and allow the Aberger-Dick family to tell you how it all began. Welcome to the Fürthermoar Alm in the Zell am See Kaprun region.