Welcome to the Fürthermoar Estate

Gut Fürthermoar in the Zell am See Kaprun region - “modern and comfortable accommodations amid venerable old walls”

Step into the Gut Fürthermoar


“Venerable walls” is 100% on the mark in describing Gut Fürthermoar, as is a “modern and comfortable lifestyle”. You don’t see it immediately, as you leave the main road in Fürth. But when you turn into the property owned by the Aberger-Dick family, you immediately develop a sense of the high quality of the vacation awaiting you.

Centuries-old building ...

Preserving the charm of this centuries-old building and combining that with the modern comforts of today – that was the foremost goal of the remodeling project we conducted in autumn 2013. Let us clarify what we mean by “remodeling”: we actually took the building down to the masonry, before building it back up completely new. But in doing so, we re-used the antique wood from the original building for the exterior façade, furniture and wall design.

… meets modern materials

Four vacation apartments, each featuring outstanding equipment and every imaginable comfort, were integrated into the building. Here, natural materials encounter decorative elements from the original building. Highlights of our amenities include state-of-the-art bathrooms, Nespresso coffee makers along with under-floor heating. And so, in the new Fürthermoar apartments, we have continued yet another trend – after all, even fifty years ago, this business was a pioneer in offering modern guest comforts.

And all of this in a region of superlatives 

Even though the Fürthermoar Gut tempts you to relax, unwind and enjoy, the chances are you won’t be at home much. We are located in the heart of Zell am See Kaprun, a region filled with opportunities for sports and wonderful holiday experiences. In winter, it’s all about logging as many kilometers as possible out on the pistes and deep-snow slopes. In summer, it’s time to lace up those hiking boots, saddle up your bikes and visit the area sights. But when, after a day full of activity, you return “home”, your vacation apartment at Gut Fürthermoar awaits, ready to pamper you with enjoyment, relaxation, naturalness and history.