Your hosts in the Gut Fürthermoar

“Who we are” – your hosts at the Fürthermoar Gut in the Zell am See Kaprun region; one family, different faces, and lots of good hospitality.

The Aberger-Dick family, your hosts in the Gut Fürthermoar

Who are the hosts at Gut Fürthermoar? Who had the grandiose idea behind the great remodeling effort, and who has such a great eye for details, style and high-quality materials? We are Kathrin Aberger-Dick, Markus Dick and children Miriam, Maximilian and Lena, and we would like to extend a sincere welcome to you from our new vacation paradise.

The Aberger family have lived at this farm since 1745 and still continue to run it, now primarily a dairy business and breeder’s with about 50 dairy cows. This is a paradise for animal lovers - there are around 140 head of cattle total, Noriker horses, ponies, plus a whole bunch of out-of-the-ordinary sheep, hens and pigs. Markus Dick is the “head” of the farm and takes care, day in and day out, of the animals, fields and machinery, with steadfast support from son, Maximilian.

You owe it to his wife, Kathrin, that you are able to check into one of the beautifully appointed apartments. She has a perfect eye for design and materials, managing in her own unique way to combine traditional with modern. In summer, she spends the days together with her parents at the Fürthermoar Alm, which is also where all of the cattle spend the time from June until September. The Fürthermoar’s most famous figure, father Toni, takes care of around 800 sheep up at the Alm. He belongs to the Alm, just as much as the Alm belongs to the Hohe Tauern. It is from him that you will learn fascinating facts relating to nature, history and this great place he, and we call home.

Kathrin and her mother, Martina, always have the comfort of their guests at the Fürthermoar Alm squarely in the center of their radar screens. In doing so, they follow the example set for them by their ancestors, who began with a “tavern” catering to the needs of hikers and others in search of refreshment. True to their commitment to naturalness and regionality, both of them make almost exclusive use of home-produced ingredients for their famous Fürthermoar “Almjause” snacks. Naturalness, health and regionality are also center stage down in the valley which surrounds the Fürthermoar Gut – something you will notice immediately every morning when you pull the fresh milk out of your fridge in your holiday apartment.

As you see, the Fürthermoar Gut isn’t just about tradition, modernity and comfort; our house consists, above all, of people. Spend your vacation at our house and you will become part of the vibrant history of the Fürthermoar Gut and Fürthermoar Alm.