You refreshment in the Fürthermoar Alm

Your refreshment stop at the Fürthermoar Alm in the Zell am See Kaprun region – “Hospitality in a high-alpine setting”

The guest room in the Fürthermoar Alm

If you take a close look at the location and historical development of the Fürthermoar Alm, it’s practically a miracle that it is still here today. But despite all the adversity and with boundless determination, the ancestors of the Aberger-Dick family managed to battle for their “Alm”. Now it stands here as an opportunity for you to enjoy a delightful refreshment break, at the same time transporting you back to a time when hill farming in Hohe Tauern National Park was still in its infancy.

Ready for some time-travel?

Allows us to take you back to those times, perhaps while you take a look around the museum of hill-farming. In what is actually a mountain hut dating back to the 18th century, with original tools from that time, you will become aware of how arduous those times must have been. The chapel is also witness to earlier days – bearing an inscription “work and pray”. Our work, of course, no longer consists purely of work and prayer. Nonetheless, the chapel invites you to stop, pause for thought and look within.

Long tradition and in house production

As old as the walls are, so, too, are the recipes we use to create our Pinzgau specialties to this very day. In doing so, we make almost exclusive use of products from our own farms in the valley and up in the mountains. At our “Alm”, you will recognize how things were in the past and what turbulent times have made their mark on this area. And there’s no better enhancement than to savor foods the way they were back then. And let’s be honest – don’t you think things in those days probably tasted just a little bit better? That’s the way we want things to stay here. With high-quality products from our own farm, you don’t just experience the origin of the products themselves; the respect and values of the Aberger-Dick family flow into all the foods they make. Enjoy cheese, bread, bacon and dairy products, all home-grown. And since it is never possible to have too much of a good thing, we will be happy to serve you a shot of home-distilled schnapps to help with digestion afterwards.

First activity - than enjoyment

Hikers and mountaineers love our traditional, regional dishes, in which you can truly savor every mouthful of that naturalness we are talking about. After long days spent in the mountains of Hohe Tauern National Park, your strength returns to your tired bones faster than you could imagine. And as you enjoy homemade specialties, all the while with beautiful mountain views before your eyes, how can you fail to fall to be captivated by the whole experience.
If you want to enjoy something truly special, by advance order we offer full meal menus and deliciously preferred regional favorites. And afterwards, if you prefer not to make your way back to the valley, or if you are in the mood for a romantic night up in the mountains, then spend that night here with us at the Alm. Beneath a starry sky surrounded by alpine nature, that’s something you are certain never to regret. Important information: the last uphill ride with the shuttle bus starts rigth at 3:30 p.m.

The Fürthermoar Alm is opened for you every year from the beginning of June, until the last weekend in September. The Aberger-Dick family looks forwart to meet you in person soon.